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This cool set of LEGO Christmas tree decorations are a must for any families tree! Now you can buy a set of three models that you can make into tree ornaments. These are ideal for families because they are fun to make and will look great on the tree. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than with the children making a few tree decorations and they will really love making these LEGO tree decorations.

These Christmas tree decorations are very easy to make but with the LEGO mini figures inside are really great fun. If your children are LEGO fans then these are going to be very popular and building these will be a great Christmas activity giving your children something to do while making decorations for the tree at the same time.

These may cost more than many tree ornaments but which other decorations can give your children something to do for so many hours for this cost? Great value for money items that you can keep on your tree for years to come. Along with some of the other decorations that LEGO have you could have a LEGO themed day by buying a number of different LEGO items.

BRICKGO Webmaster Comments

What a great way to showcase your mini LEGO creations! - These are definately a fun and festive LEGO idea, and a fantastic talking point at Christmas parties.

The above set of LEGO Christmas tree ornaments comes with three clear baubles with 3 mini sets to build.  You can also build and put in your own LEGO creations.  They would look fantastic on any Christmas tree.


  • kirsty mclean 08/08/2010, 13:26

    How and where/when can we purchase these tree decorations?

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