LEGO Ice Cube Tray

LEGO Ice Cube Tray

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The Lego ice cube tray is made of blue silicone, and is dishwasher safe for unlimited use. Offering 8 minifigure ice cubes per tray, your child will have hours of fun creating their own ice cubes and watching them in a drink.

The Lego ice cube mould offers your child the chance to make their own Lego robot ice cubes in the freezer. Although the silicone does not make it easier to freeze water faster, your child will wait impatiently for the cubes to be complete and ready for use.

The Lego ice cube tray is available for as little as $7.99 and is recommended for children ages 6 and up. The Lego ice cube mould offers flexibility for cleaning by hand, and will hold its shape for years to come. With the blue Lego color, your child will feel like he or she is on the brink of creating a new drink idea every time they use the Lego ice cube tray.

Simply fill the Lego ice cube mould with water for regular drinks, or use flavored drinks in the ice cube tray for more colorful freezer treats. This unit is a must have for any Lego fan young or old.

The Lego ice cube tray offers a child the chance to handle an ice tray alone, and create their own ice for friends or treats in warm weather. Dishwasher safe, this unit can withstand your child’s tantrums, play times and lack of coordination unlike hard plastic moulds due to the silicone material. Easy to twist or pull, the mould will always bounce back to the original shape. It is not recommended to be left in the sun, but will withstand dishwasher cleaning.

If hand washing the unit, it is recommended that soapy warm water be used and then rinsed away completely before continuing use. Teaching your child about how water freezes to make ice has never been easier, as your child will gladly accept the knowledge of how their new found toy makes the ice cubes they love.

The Lego ice cube mould is ideal for birthday parties, sleepovers, picnics or any time your child wants to enjoy a cold drink and ponder at the Lego shapes inside the glass. Whether a birthday gift or simply to make your child happy, the Lego ice cube tray is an ideal gift for any child that possesses the love of Lego toys.

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