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Using Mindstorm NXT helps you create the ultimate LEGO model experience allowing you to increase the options available, you can use this to make robots and that do what you want. This is where LEGO can get really complex so it's well worth investing a few pounds in a couple of Mindstorm NXT programming books on the subject.

With the LEGO Mindstorm NXT books available out there you can make a very intelligent robot that can react to light, sound and even touch. This simply gives you the ability to make cool models, the most popular being the shooterbot which fires balls at people which it finds using it's sensor, very smart!

Programming your robots can be a complicated process if you don't know what your doing so it's well worth spending a little time finding out just how to do this. You can even share your creations online to show off what you have created.

Learn more about Mindstorm NXT and improve your abilities to make the ultimate robot possible. Buying Mindstorm NXT programming books for anyone who is really interested in LEGO is highly recommended as it will allow them to change how they see and use items made by LEGO completely.

BRICKGO Webmaster Comments

An intelligent LEGO brick?! - Whatever next! - These NXT programming guides will get your robot doing amazing tricks in no time. I wonder if there's an guide on getting the NXT robot to hoover the house and do the dishes? - We live in hope.

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