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If you are looking to buy something that is both practical and fun for your kitchen then these LEGO salt and pepper shakers are for you. Get the conversation started with these shakers as people are sure going to notice just how fun they are. The LEGO salt and pepper shakers are a typical LEGO design and are a great addition to any kitchen.

The new designed LEGO shakers are rather small in size, just 43mm long and 23mm wide these are perfect for both children and adults. The salt shaker is a cool white colour with the LEGO logo on the top and the pepper shaker is black to match. Together on a table these shakers look really great.

Made from the same plastic as the very strong LEGO these shakers are strong enough to last a lot of wear and tear even from children. The bottom of the shakers are interchangeable so you can have shakers that are half black and half white if you choose too. LEGO are only making a very limited number of these so in years to come these will become very collectable by LEGO enthusiasts.

These will add some interest to your kitchenware and at this really very small cost it's certainly worth doing. Children will love them and they will remind adults of their childhood. These LEGO salt and pepper shakers are well worth buying especially if you have any of the other LEGO kitchenware.

BRICKGO Webmaster Comments

Move over percy pepper and suzie salt, the LEGO Shakers are in town! - Make meal times more constructive. The LEGO salt and pepper shakers are a fun addition to the kitchenware range. Build a well seasoned meal with these LEGO brick shaped salt and pepper shakers - A great LEGO Gift conversational piece.

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  • Approximately seven LEGO sets are sold each second.
  • With a production of about 306 million tyres a year, the LEGO group is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer. 
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  • More than 400 million children and adults will play with LEGO bricks this year.
  • Children around the world spend a total of 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.
  • Every 2x4 stud LEGO brick measures 1 cm high
  • More than 400 million children and adults will play with LEGO bricks in 2009.
  • The eight robots and 15 automatic cranes that work in the LEGO warehouse in Billund can shift 660 crates of bricks in and out every hour.
  • More than 4 billion minifigures have been produced - making the minifigure the world's biggest population group