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Lego sneakers can be found in many colors and styles for your child. Lego boots come in blue, pink, red, black, white, green, yellow, purple and multicolored with different designs on each. The Lego trainers are great for young children and offer ankle support and instep support for growing feet.

The Lego boots range in cost but can be found for an average of £55. The soles of the Lego trainers and all Lego sneakers are hard rubber, while the Lego bricks are seen on the eyelets for the shoe strings. Full leather uppers make these shoes long wearing and lasting. These are available in UK sizes from 31 to 35 or US sizes from 12.5 to 2.5 in children’s sizes only. For boys or girls, the colors of the rainbow are present to please any toddler.

The girls Pink 1 Bar infants Lego sneakers are offered in areas for £40, and offer all leather uppers with rubber soles. These shoes have a Velcro enclosure for easy fastening, with the Mary Jane styling and beautiful tiny flower appliqués on the toe. Offering your child the styles that are in fashion as well as comfort and a good price, these Lego sneakers won’t be around for long.
For a cost of £50, the Lego boots and Lego trainers are available in all the above colors. Offering the Lego bricks at the end of the leather straps with Velcro enclosures, these multiple colored shoes offer support around the ankles and instep. Available in sizes from 22 to 30 in the UK and US sizes between 5 and 12, these won’t last long on the shelves.

The Lego sneakers called Kick Hi Lego Purple T-Bar shoes are available for a cost of £50. Available in purple, these leather uppers and rubber soled shoes offer a Lego brick on the strap with a Velcro enclosure for easy fastening. The purple T-bar on a Mary Jane style shoe offers an up to date fashion statement for your little one. Available in UK sizes from 31 to 35 and US sizes from 12.5 to 2.5.

The Kick Hi Lego Green Funky Lego boots are available in green and in UK sizes from 31 to 35 and US sizes from 12.5 to 2.5. These great shoes offer a Lego brick on the strap that goes over the top of the foot. Green shoestrings to match the shoes are included, and the added strap across the top ensures proper support for growing and active ankles. These boots are made of leather and come with a multicolored sole.

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LEGO Facts

  • Approximately seven LEGO sets are sold each second.
  • With a production of about 306 million tyres a year, the LEGO group is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer. 
  • Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would reach more than five times round the world.
  • More than 400 million children and adults will play with LEGO bricks this year.
  • Children around the world spend a total of 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.
  • Every 2x4 stud LEGO brick measures 1 cm high
  • More than 400 million children and adults will play with LEGO bricks in 2009.
  • The eight robots and 15 automatic cranes that work in the LEGO warehouse in Billund can shift 660 crates of bricks in and out every hour.
  • More than 4 billion minifigures have been produced - making the minifigure the world's biggest population group